ambre (meowie_wowie) wrote,

in passing

so in talkin with a friend i have realized that i hold so much attachment to this city because its the only place i have lived besides palmerston
the first place you move to is like the first place you really live or something
this attachment has grown into more of a nag or a leash however
every day i find another reason to leave
and these thoughts are completely foreign to me having been quite fulfilled for almost 4 years
i am going to europe for 2 months commencing may 14th
where i will return to i dont know
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fantastic! l hope your travels lead you somewhere glorious.
i hope my travels lead me to you!
haha cheeeeeeeesyyyyy

I hear what you mean about the first place you move being the first place you really live. (Course, it can always be some place you visit later on). Have fun in Europe (lucky!)
thanks !
p.s. whenever i see fireworks i think of you
Where are you going in Europe!!!
I love it there. Someday, when I'm old, and have a real income, I'm going to try and live in Germany or France for a while. I'm already learning to speak German in advance... haha
Have fun in your travels!
thankks to you!