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coffee+baileys+work = late afternoon crash+late night energy boost

thing i saw last night:

-dude sitting on a bench wearing a cardboard box. the only body parts visible were from his knees down, as the flaps covered his thighs.

SO thanksgiving used to be a big crazy event. for 16 years of my life we would pile our family, pets and coolers full of food into our car and drive 4 hours north to our cottage near haliburton. we would then unpack everything and start cooking. saturday was always reserved for hiking BLUEBERRY mountain, to see all the beautiful ontario fall colours. sunday was the big feast. monday was an insane clean up day as we had to prep the cottage for the winter, the drive 4 hours home. aunts uncles, cousins, grandparents distant relatives, friends... all there. this is when our cottage still didnt have a phone or drinkable water. it was such an amazing tradition.

since being on my own my thanksgivings have been pretty makeshift but still amazing. one year i remember having a wholesome homecooked thanksgiving dinner with my landlord that lived below us over wine and joints. last year we had a feast of sushi and salad. this year i was cooked a lovely indian meal on the patio overlooking english bay, the city and mountains...
tradition has been lost but its still my favourite holiday

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