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Today was the last day of the summer farmers market by my house. It was a big highlight of my summer after returning from europe, to go to this humble little market every wednesday and pick up my cheap-ish organic local veggies for the week. It wasnt anything impressive...about 10 to 12 stands... but it was just so convenient and the produce was such high quality. And I loved how things changed as the season progressed...
I am really going to miss it. Im really turned off by grocery stores at the moment. It doesnt seem like real food. It isnt real food. The fact that i can still get blueberries is weird.

I have 99% of my halloween costume put together, and I am so fucking excited. I am going to be an albino bunny. I even got red eye contacts for it. This is the most important part of the costume, as i didn't want to go as just a white bunny. I am going to paint my face all crazy. I hope to look cute and innocent from afar, but when you get a look at my face it'll be like fuckin crazy demon staring at you. I got a sweet vest made from white rabbit fur which totally makes it lovely and i will most likely wear the vest regularly. As for where i'm gunna rock this getup... still undecided. I know that i have to "work", and my friend and i were going to throw a party at the templeton... keep it open to the public but invite friends and have drink specials and take pictures. But i feel like my costume will be a bit too elaborate and uncomfortable to attempt working in. afterwards, black mountain is playing or a dubstep rave. maybe both.or neither.

love am-bee
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